Sunday, May 06, 2012

True Outreach or Shameless Promotion?

So where is the line?

How far are we willing to go to get the word out about our music or art? You know, the creative thing we feel God has given us to do?

I am absolutely a socialmedia-holic. To me it's one of the great inventions of our time, and allows us to reach millions from the comfy seat of our computer.

My wife tells me I am one of those ruining Facebook with business things, but really feel that these tools are the great leveler for folks like us trying to make a dent with our music and ministry in this world.

I've used Twitter, Facebook, Blogger, LinkedIn, Reverbnation, Google+ (even though that one seems superfluous doesn't it?), and have come here through Compuserve, AOL,, MySpace, and many others. I'm sure there will be new tools in the coming years...

I was recently conflicted when reading a blog by Jon Acuff, called "Chase a Dream, Not a Number". It talks about how we obsess about chasing Likes, Follows, ReTweets, and all the other new terms there are these days on Social Media. And he's exactly right.

So, what is too far? Is it so wrong to want to find friends and fans of what we are doing? Isn't the whole point to follow the Great Commission and reach as many as possible with the Good News?

I think this is where the servant part has to come in. If we truly are doing this so that we can serve, and not just get, then that is good. Besides the numbers, what makes me happy is the fact that apparently the info I send to all these people through blogs, tweets, FB, groups, and later consults and production, is actually helpful and grows them.

And maybe that is where you can see if all your number mongering is doing any good. Do the numbers reflect people being served, being fed? Or are they just cheap gets from a Twitter robot, or a misleading FB ad, or something like that.

Would love to hear your comments on this below!

Eric Copeland is a producer, consultant, and author and will indeed be watching how many views this post gets, but he also truly wants to help. His company Creative Soul has been helping Christian artists and songwriters for over 20 years. Check in at and see what you think.


Debi Irene Wahl said...

Hi Eric,

I am like you. I use FB for the business/ministry and half the time don't bother to update my social. My family and friends are too precious to waste on something as superficial as FB. Having said that, I always answer messages, etc., and am respectful that to some, FB fills their social needs.

I prefer an old fashioned letter =) But that's just my craziness personality. Great blog - thanks!

Gretchen K said...

I have been encouraged greatly by Facebook posts and links (mostly Christian messages, testimonies and such) and very much by your blogs...which somehow seem to offer very timely help with a current thought or concern of mine. I very much like to see what others are up to, and I'd by lying if I said I wasn't lifted when I post something and I have a positive response. But, no matter how much we put out there, how many people are responding, it is still us and God at the end of the day. If the phone isn't ringing or no one is responding, it doesn't mean that a heart hasn't been touched. Or that something we shared hasn't changed a life or just given God praise and glory. We may not know, but God knows. I am glad for social media. But, I try to check myself that I don't look to it as a replacement for what God can do.