"Wow! you just put everything I have been thinking and feeling into words. Thank you so much. I needed to hear all of that. blessings to you!" - Athena S.

"I can Praise the Lord for your life. Your words inspire all of us to keep up the good work, focused in the real objective, with the right motivation and the correct perspective
." - Humberto F.

"I'm loving this. You provoked my thinking. Wonderful blog!" - Paulette T.

"That was great and very encouraging. Great blog." - Brad

"This is great -- bottom-line realistic and, at the same time, encouraging and inspiring. I will re-read it more than once, I'm sure. Thanks for writing it!" - Karen W.

"That's good stuff, Eric! We all need to be reminded of this from time to time. :)" - Beth Champion Mason

"Ha ha, that's funny! Great article...good to know. Mental note locked and set!" - Mayra

"Great article - well said. I am doing it, working it, and the Lord is opening the doors. I quit my full-time job in January to get back to what I was created and called to do and God is amazing. Yes, it is hard work but I am loving it. If I can do it anyone can and it is all due to people like you Eric that share your pearls of wisdom with indies like me. God bless!" - Judith Baker

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