Get Started!

At Creative Soul we have a few ways you can get started with growing your Christian music ministry from wherever it is now, to where you want it (and where God designed it) to be.

1. The Christian Artist Development Workshop in Nashville, TN.  

For over a decade Creative Soul has been welcoming Christian artists and songwriters to Nashville for our unique Christian Artist Workshop. We start every new artist this way, but moreover, we feel it is a tremendous way for artists and songwriters to gauge where they are even if they are not ready to record right now.

Each month we schedule an exciting day for a small group of artists. This will be a full day where you will get to talk about your ministry, hear about other ministries, and get all the information you have always wanted to know.

The day begins at the luxurious conference room at a large Christian label headquarters like Word Entertainment on Music Row in Nashville, TN, or at a major recording studio in town.

We'd love to host you in Nashville. Click here for complete details. 

2. Our 3-Song Critique. 

This is a low cost way to get a detailed, professional opinion of where you are with your music and ministry. Click here for complete information.

3. Our Phone Consulting. 

We offer many ways to help your music and ministry by phone as well! Click here for complete information.

4. Get in touch.

Tell us your unique story. We'd love to hear about your music and ministry. Contact us here!