About Us

OK, with a blog called Music (Ministry) Business you're not quite sure what kind of "record company" this is right? No way they could be an actual label that signs Christian artists the normal way.

Uh, yeah, you'd be right.

I'll even go farther than that and say we're just a nice logo artists can put on their CDs, and a website they can send people to give them some legitimacy.

Oh yeah, we're also an entity that reaches out to new or working artists, helps them develop, and gives them access to the top players, studios, engineers, and other folks in Nashville that have been working in this industry for the past 25 years.

Um, and we also help them AFTER the album, to find promotional answers, build their web, social, and marketing networks, and generally walk with them to help them reach the goals they have.

So, sure, you could say we're not a real "label". Although, I thought that's what a label was supposed to be in the first place??

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