Monday, November 24, 2014

Youtube: The Best Tool You’re Probably Not Using Enough

"I'm perfectly happy for my videos to be on YouTube, whether I'm getting paid for them or not. If they're on YouTube, people will see them.” – Moby

For the music artists we work with, especially with ministry being the main goal of what they do, being seen and heard is important. Actually, getting your music and your message to the people of the world is why you started doing it right?

We all would love for our music to support us in some way or perhaps bring in some money, and yes, YouTube can bring you a little income. But if we say the reason we do what we do musically is to reach the world for Christ, then we should be first concerned with reaching them.

Many people tell me how hard it is to get bookings these days, and I won’t argue that it’s difficult. But YouTube allows you do mini-concerts monthly, weekly, daily…whatever. And it’s super easy to then invite folks who can come at a moment’s notice, or whenever it is convenient in their schedule.

Now, I will be honest here and tell you, I am as guilty as many of you of not taking full advantage of this tool. Both for my personal music and also business uses, I’ve barely scratched the surface. I average 400-500 views a month on the few channels I have, so I am using it, but I could certainly use it more.

But I hear you out there saying, “How in the world would I find time to use it?”
"Look at YouTube, how many talented people there are. It's a whole new world of how to express yourself. I don't know how to work that world, but take advantage of it." - Penny Marshall
Well, unlike Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, or even Facebook, with all the rules and tricks, using YouTube is a little more straightforward. Yes, there are followers, and channels, and all that, but the real use is pretty simple: make a video, upload it, then tell people to watch it.

Step One: Make It

This sounds harder than it is. Likely, you are reading this post on the very device you could make a suitable video to put on YouTube. To make my point, you’ll see a quick YouTube video I made in my little home studio to promote this post. It was shot on an iPhone 6, but my iPhone 5 shot the same quality, and my Samsung before that shot incredible video as well. Saying you don’t have the gear really doesn’t fly.

Your phone, tablet, and especially laptop or home computer with a webcam will do fine. If you play guitar, this works great. Sit in front of the camera, press record, then sing and play. Close your eyes if you need to. Or look right at the camera. If people like you and your music, they will LOVE it. Guaranteed. YouTube (and its viewers) do NOT require Hollywood budgets for videos. In fact you’ve probably seen and enjoyed hundreds if not thousands of videos of the quality you can make right now.

Step Two: Upload It

If you can edit right there on your device (Apple stuff has iMovie, and there are free apps on PC as well), you can edit if you need to. But you can also edit in YouTube after you upload. Make sure to put links back to your website, and you can also add notes in the YouTube video. Check out what I did with this.

Step Three: Share It

Then it’s just a matter of sending it to your WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, ReverbNation, Google+, and all your networks. Most of these make it very easy to post YouTube videos. You can email them, embed them in pages and blogs, and they are the gifts that keep on giving. Some folks will just find them looking for something else.
"YouTube is akin to having my own network."- Marlee Matlin
Isn’t it time to start your own TV network? Aren’t you ready to get out there and let people see and hear you?

See you on YouTube!


Eric Copeland is a music producer, sometimes video editor, and all the time lover of tech like YouTube. He’s been posting videos for himself and clients there for as long as the tech has been around. For more information on all the stuff he does with his company Creative Soul, check out

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Unknown said...

Eric, you said it! We just need to get it out there! I know I could do more of that as well! Looking forward to getting a new video out sometime in February!

Thanks for the encouragement!