Thursday, September 13, 2012

Building the New Music (Ministry) Business

Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success. - Henry Ford

As a creative Christian music production company, we have found success the old-fashioned way.We connected with Christian artists who had a great need: to reach a new level of success in music ministry.

If you read this blog at all regularly, you know we talk about things that can help Christian artists find that success in ministry. But how did we come by this info? How did we magically know what to say to give you inspiration, ideas, and direction?

We earned it (as the commercial used to say). We worked with one Christian artist at a time. One songwriter at a time. We heard their struggles, successes, ups, downs, and PTLs (Praise the Lords for you younger folks).

Every week for 15 years, we have set about on Mondays helping whoever emailed us, called us, or came to work that week in the studio. We have found out what they need and tried to provide it. Real world stuff, like high end production, amazing graphics, and now even tour and promotional help.

As the 20th century music industry crumbles around us, we better find a new way. Luckily, we already have. It's called music ministry. Real, honest, hard work, getting in front of people, and ministering.

And for many of the independent artists we have always worked with, this was the only way they would have found success anyway. But now, even the larger Christian labels know they have one chance anymore: get to the consumer directly.

So, suddenly our business IS the business. It's not about the "music business" but "the business of music ministry". And so we are building that along with many others these days in Nashville and around the world.

It's not new. Bill Gaither has grown an empire doing this very thing, although they have found success via the old system as well. But they also had direct to consumer for years through video and mega live events. So they are perfectly positioned to keep sending out their music ministers across the world.

We're doing the same thing at Creative Soul. And this year, we even have a new running mate.

Word Records has generously agreed to become associated with us, as they love what we do and are interested to be part of how we help Christian artists and ministries. Word is a 60 year old Christian music company, so we are super excited to be associated with them. We hope to bring many artists their way, as well as provide extra experience and opportunity for our artists.

Like Word Records, we like to think we built this the old fashioned way. We kept at it, and so have our artists. And if you are reading this, so most likely have you. 

We have to take action towards the goals we want. That's the real key to building this new world of success for Christian music artists.

Action is the foundational key to all success. - Pablo Picasso

Have a great week, and as always we appreciate your support.

Eric Copeland is president and founder of Creative Soul, and Creative Soul Records. For 15 years they have worked hard to help Christian artists, songwriters, and other creatives find ministry success. Now they are taking a step to help even more folks with their association with Word Records. Read more abou this at 

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