Sunday, August 12, 2012

Is the Music Enough?

I may quit the music business someday, but never the music.- Dan Fogelberg

So, here's a question that popped into my head while mowing the grass yesterday. I was enjoying thoughts about a current music project of my own, musing about the songs, and what I might do with each of them, and possible ways to get the music out there. And I realized in that moment how much I love just thinking, playing, and making my own music.

Do you feel that way too?

Most artists I work with or meet love these things about their music. But we can also get caught up in questions: Did I recoup the costs of recording/promotion.etc? How will I get the world to hear it? How can I quit my job and do only this? When will I be rich and famous?

I think if you aren't happy just making the music, thinking about it, planning it, and just plain old soaking in the  feeling of being a music maker, then you will have real problems with being happy and satisfied as a musician or artist.

Music and the music business are two different things.- Erykah Badu

Now, don't get me wrong, I worry, and fret, and plan, and orchestrate, and forecast, and count all the monies I make from all sales too. But that's a secondary concern to actually enjoying the making of the music. It's certainly secondary to what the music does for people as far as generating happiness, peace, or enjoyment.

(In fact this is usually where I now chastise us all for not remembering and focusing that our music is a ministry, given to us by God, to use as a talent to reach a hurting world for Him. But I really don't have to go there do I?)

Now, you may say, but I am not in the music business, I'm a just a musician or artist. To that I say, "Good for liar".

Listen we all want someone to hear, appreciate, support, or even sometimes blather incessantly about how awesome they think it is. Whether we are looking for fame, career, or just a little recognition.

But unless you LOVE the making music part, just sitting in a room thinking, or mowing the yard, or thinking about it as you drift off to sleep, you will never know peace with your art.

Yes, it is important to be productive and useful with your music talents, but this week, just take a break and enjoy making the blasted stuff for a bit. Then you have my full permission next week to get back to conquering the music world one Youtube view at a time.

Have a great week!

Eric Copeland is a music producer, author, as well as an artist/composer too! So he knows both sides of the music/business struggle. For more information on Eric and his music got to or find out about his music company at


Anonymous said...

I totes get what you are saying, Eric. As a singer who relies on musicians, it is very difficult to get my songs recorded or heard. But I love it for the worship to God first and if I can get anything going "publicly" and "commercially", that would be icing on the cake. And God thanking me abundantly for worshiping Him! Although, getting no traction or action can be a demotivator!!! GBY!!!

Unknown said...

I'm loving this.You provoked my thinking.I agree.Wow ,I'm not the only one.There is nothing like writing ,playing and singing to God for me.Just the feel and excitement of putting songs together...nothing like it.By the way I try to make up a new song everyday to sing to God.He is so good and leaves me speechless at his goodness.Wondeful blog!

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